10.02.2024: Detailed Proposal on Project SM034:2023 has been published . Some open questions are now answered

A detailed proposal on the proposed extension of residence time for Citizenship has been published. Community consultation is now in progress until 4.3.2024 . This proposal answers certain open questions and the relevant FAQ sections that are now out of date have been tagged as such. They will be updated at a later point.

25.09.2023: Impact of PM Orpo’s Government Program on the Finnish International Workforce

A comprehensive report highlighting the potential consequences of PM Orpo’s proposed Government Program’s immigration policy on the international workforce in Finland.

The report, based on the survey responses of 651 individuals, sheds light on the significant concerns raised by this policy shift. More than 90% of respondents held higher education degrees, with 84% employed in STEM fields and two-thirds earning incomes exceeding 3 500 euros per month.

Key Findings:

Report on the Impact of the Government Program on the Finnish International Workforce 3.10.2023.pdf

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Our Statement

We, the skilled professionals and specialists living in Finland, are writing this open letter to express our deep concerns regarding the recently proposed extension of the naturalization period required for citizenship from 4-5 to 8 years, as outlined in the new government's programme published on the 16th of June. We also believe that the 3-month time limit for changing jobs is unreasonably short. We are confident that these changes are not only unnecessary but also detrimental to the Finnish economy.

As foreign specialists working in Finland, we have been drawn to this country by the promise of a welcoming environment and a thriving job market that values and embraces our expertise. We have contributed significantly to the growth and development of various sectors, such as software development, data science, engineering, healthcare, and many more. Our skills are in high demand, and we have been encouraged to believe that our presence benefits Finland, not hurts it.

However, the proposed measures, particularly the extension of the naturalization period, send a contradictory message. Instead of recognizing our contributions and the need to attract and retain skilled professionals, the new government treats us as burdensome individuals. It feels as though the government is disregarding the struggles faced by local businesses in attracting specialists and succumbing to a populist narrative. This shift in policy jeopardizes Finland's ability to compete globally for talent, putting our country at a disadvantage against other prosperous nations such as Germany and the Netherlands. We are concerned that Finland risks losing out on the opportunity to harness the potential of these valuable individuals, ultimately hampering the growth of its own economy.

We acknowledge that the changes may have been driven by a narrative that portrays immigrants as a burden on the Finnish economy and society. While we understand that there are cases of abuse within any system, we firmly believe that these measures will not address the issue effectively. Rather than solving the problem of misuse, they will create new long-lasting problems, including the potential exodus of talented professionals seeking countries with more favorable immigration laws and conditions.

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